The Most Important 租户的问题 And Landlords Answered

了解所有涉及到出租财产的规则和法律是很重要的. 租客和房东都尽可能地采取行动来维护自己的最大利益. 但如果他们在某些问题上意见不一致, 他们更有可能在这个过程中发生冲突. 如果你想拥有良好的工作关系, 记住这些关于租客和房东的最重要问题的答案.



Tenants and Landlords FAQs: All Your Questions Answered

Questions about rental properties typically revolve around the same topics. 无论如何,房东和租客对这些问题的看法是不同的. 如果你想 保持良好的房东-租客关系, it’s important to know the answers to these questions. Here is our guide on the most important landlord-tenant questions.



问|房客和房东常见问题As a landlord, here are the most important questions about tenants:


1. 房东可以优先考虑潜在租户吗?

As the landlord, you are free to decide who to rent your property to. While it’s acceptable to have some preferences — above all, 支付租金的能力——房东在列出他们的要求时必须谨慎. 避免任何被考虑的东西 住房歧视.

It is against the law to deny potential tenants based on their race, color, 性别, 年龄, 宗教, 家族的地位, 国家的起源, 或残疾. 来保护自己免于负债, 每次面试潜在租客时,都要使用一份租客标准清单. Make sure it complies with federal, state, and local laws.


2. Should Landlords Entertain Tenants Who Want to Move In Immediately?

If you have a unit that has been unoccupied for some time, 这可能会吸引那些想马上搬进来的潜在租户. 然而,这个问题的答案应该是否定的. Even if the tenant offers to pay rent upfront for x number of months, this does not guarantee that they can cover the remaining months in the lease. 除此之外,在没有适当筛选的情况下接受租户还有许多其他风险.

房东想把他们的房子租给 良好的租户 and the best way to find them is through a proper screening process. A background check will tell you a lot about their credit score, 就业状况, 和租赁的历史.

Meanwhile, the interview gives you a glimpse of their personality and behaviors. 如果你跳过这些, you can end up with bad tenants who may not pay rent on time, 破坏财产, 并导致与其他租房者的关系紧张.


3. 房东应该允许养宠物吗?

即使有禁止养宠物的政策,潜在的租客还是会问他们是否可以养宠物. It is up to the landlord whether to allow pets or not. 然而,这项决定必须适用于所有人——服务动物除外. When deciding to allow pets or not, landlords should weigh the pros (e.g. 宠物费的额外收入)和欺诈(额外的清洁费用和财产损坏). Make sure that your pet policy is clearly stated in the lease agreement.


4. 房东可以提高租金吗?

在佛罗里达州,没有法律限制房东随心所欲地提高租金. 然而, 固定期限租赁, you cannot increase their rent until the contract expires. 如果你是按月租赁,你必须给租户一个适当的通知时间.

当设定或提高租金时, 房东必须考虑他们的财产的价值和当地市场的典型价格. 把租金定得太低可能会导致运营资金不足,而把租金定得太高可能会让租客望而却步.


5. 房东应该如何处理拖欠租金?

日程表|房东-房客问题Collecting rent is one of the hardest parts of being a landlord. Even if tenants are legally obligated to pay rent each month, 有许多理由不这样做.

租客可能只是忘记了还款日期或者, they may have lost their job and cannot afford to pay rent anymore. 但从那时起,房东们必须很坚决 后期租金 也会影响到自己的财务责任吗.

Follow the lease agreement when dealing with delinquent tenants. 避免延长租期,因为这可能会进一步鼓励租户不按时支付租金. 然而,与租户沟通,以及为什么他们没有支付租金,仍然是重要的.

如果租客迄今为止一直负责,并且目前正经历经济困难, 房东可能会破例. Have the new terms in writing and make sure to follow them.


6. 房东什么时候可以收取租客的保证金?

房东可以对不遵守租赁协议的房客收取押金. 例如, you can keep the security deposit if a tenant breaks their lease early, 不付房租和水电费, 或损坏你的财产. If the tenant leaves trash or personal belongings upon moving out, you can also deduct cleaning expenses from the security deposit.

根据佛罗里达的 房屋租赁法律, landlords must make a claim on the security deposit. Otherwise, they must return a tenant’s security deposit within 15 days. 30天内, 房东还必须通过挂号信发送书面通知,说明他们将保留多少定金以及这样做的原因. If not, they forfeit their right to make a claim on the deposit.


7. Can Landlords Enter Tenant’s Rent Property Without Notice?

租客们不能阻止他们的房东不时地进入租来的房子. 房东在维修或检查出租物业时,应合理通知租客. This means informing tenants at least 12 hours before their intended entry. Property inspections must also be conducted within office hours.

然而. 只有在下列情况下,业主才可以进入单位:

  • 房客已经同意了
  • 房客没有充分的理由拒绝同意
  • 有紧急情况
  • 租客离开一段时间(是定期支付租金时间的一半)



As a tenant, here are the most important questions about landlords:


1. 租户可以更改物业吗?

房客在改变出租房屋前必须先咨询一下租赁协议. 通常, 稍作改动,如挂画钩, 重新粉刷墙壁, or putting up curtains do not need the content of the landlord. 更极端的改变可能不被允许或需要业主的书面同意.

Keep in mind that if a tenant attaches permanent fixtures to the property, 你搬出去后,它就成了房东的财产. 也, if you plan to make improvements but end up damaging the property, 房东有权使用你的押金或收取你的修理费.


2. 租客需要付水电费吗? 房租中包括哪些水电费?

在搬进去之前,房东应该和房客讨论一下租金包括哪些水电费用. In most cases, landlords pay for water, sew年龄, garb年龄, and snow removal. 同时,租户可能要负责电力、天然气、电缆和互联网等公用事业. All this should be clearly stated in the lease agreement.


3. What Should Tenants Do If There Is Something That Needs to Be Fixed?

维护|房客和房东常见问题解答房东有责任确保他们出租的房子处于良好的工作状态. As mandated by law, the property must be livable and up to code.

If there are maintenance issues like leaky pipes or foundation cracks, tenants must report it to the landlord as soon as possible. In turn, landlords must ensure that repairs are done in a timely manner.

房东仍然可以修复由房客造成的损坏,如破碎的窗户或墙上的洞. 然而, the landlord might charge tenants for the repairs.

如果业主未能或拒绝进行维修,特别是在处理影响物业宜居性的维修问题时,租客应向业主发出书面通知. They may also file a lawsuit to require the landlord to meet the 可居住性的默示保证. Failure to make repairs could also be grounds for early termination of the lease.


4. 租户不交房租会发生什么?

Upon signing the lease agreement, tenants are required to pay rent each month. Tenants who pay rent late may be required to pay an additional late fee. 如果一个租客连续几个月不支付租金,房东可以发送一个通知支付或退出. If the tenant still does pay rent, the landlord can then file for eviction.


5. 租户何时可被驱逐?

如果租客不遵守租赁协议的条款,房东必须发出停止租赁的通知. When the tenant refuses to correct the perceived non-compliance, the landlord can serve a Notice to Quit and begin the eviction process. If the noncompliance is something that cannot be corrected, 房客们有七天的时间搬出房子.

Landlords can also begin the eviction process on tenants who do not pay rent. 他们必须向房客发出辞职或搬出的通知. 房东也可以向法院提起诉讼,要求收回拖欠的租金或房屋所有权. Once there is a judgment and the sheriff delivers the Writ of Possession, 房客有24小时的时间搬出房子.


6. Can Tenants Use Their Security Deposit As Last Month’s Rent?

大多数房东不会允许房客用他们的押金作为他们最后一个月的租金. 押金保护房东免受正常磨损或因租客而造成的财产损失. 如果租客不付房租并搬出房子,这也有助于减轻打击.


7. 租客可否拒绝房东入内?

房东可以拥有房子,但一旦房子被租出去,他们就必须尊重房客的隐私权. 因此, 他们不能在未经允许的情况下直接进入租户的租赁单元,除非出现紧急情况或出于安全考虑. Tenants can refuse entry to landlords if they do not provide adequate notice. Landlords should also not abuse their right to enter a tenant’s unit. 也, 请记住,没有房东的允许,房客是不允许换门锁的.


Understanding the Perspectives of Tenants and Landlords

无论你是房东还是房客,在入住日期之前你都会有一些问题. These questions revolve around the same issues such as rent payments, 维护程序, 或者是驱逐过程. 然而, tenants and landlords are likely to approach each issue differently. 这就是为什么你需要知道这些关于租客和房东的重要问题的答案. 当你理解了两种观点, it will be easier to build a long-lasting professional relationship.

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