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9 Ways To Boost Resident Retention In Properties

住户保留是物业管理中最重要的方面之一. 事实上,对于一些租赁业主来说,你的居民保留率可以决定一笔交易的成败. Luckily, keeping residents is not as hard a task as it may seem.


The Best Resident Retention Tips You Must Follow

留住住户是物业经理最重要的职责之一. Arguably, it is also one of the hardest. 租客总是搬出去,无论是因为他们要离开这个地区,还是因为他们买了自己的房子. Some tenants, though, 决定搬出去,因为他们已经找到了一个他们认为更有利的地方.

物业经理和房东都想要长期租户. 但是,留住居民不仅仅是简单地收取低租金. 不管你的房子有多便宜,如果其他方面都不能令人满意,租客就会离开.



1. Be Responsive and Approachable

communicating | resident retention strategy给租户空间和完全无视他们之间是有区别的.

Residents have complaints and suggestions. Therefore, they need a property manager who will hear them out and recognize their concerns. 你必须确保尽快回复他们的电话、电子邮件和信息. 此外,确保你能及时满足他们的要求.

Property managers also need to accept that they can’t fix everything. But, even if you can’t address the resident’s issue, sometimes, 知道有人倾听他们就足以让他们感到被欣赏,并让他们留在身边. 在那之后,你可以寻求帮助来解决居民的担忧.


2. Be Sincere and Show Appreciation

Residents need to feel that they are important and appreciated. 其中一个方法就是对他们表示真诚的尊重和感激. When you run into them anywhere, always greet them with a smile. It will also help to know their names.

每隔一段时间或者每次他们续约的时候给他们送一份贴心的礼物. Gift cards to local restaurants and shops work great. 你也可以为他们提供一些特别的优惠,比如免费为他们的公寓进行深度清洁.

It is important to tailor your gifts according to the resident. 这将表明你真的关心他们的兴趣,抽出时间准备了一份衷心的、有意义的礼物. It also means you know them well enough to know what they like.


3. Excellent Property Maintenance

毫无疑问,保持维护的领先地位是提高用户留存率的好方法. 毕竟,没有人愿意住在一个破败的房子里,那里的一切都不如预期的那样.

When you keep the property clean and well-maintained, residents are more likely to stick around for a long time. It is easy to lose a resident’s trust, and a surefire way to do that is to let the quality of living decline. 因此,物业管理公司要做好保养和维修工作.

进行定期检查,在问题恶化之前查明维护问题. Ask residents for any changes they would like to see.

除了是一个优秀的居民保留策略,租户也有 a right to livable conditions. 疏于维护不仅会导致较低的留存率,还会让你陷入法律麻烦.


4. Use Technology

tech | resident retention strategyIn 2019, about half of renters in the United States were under 30 years old. With such a large percentage of renters being tech-savvy, it almost seems foolish not to embrace technology.


Technology makes everything easier and more convenient. It is also an effective tool to increase your resident retention rate. Allow residents to make requests or complaints through text or online.

拥有一个在线门户网站,让居民可以交流他们的担忧, pay rent, and send maintenance requests is also a good idea. Since Americans today are largely mobile, 这也将有助于优化您的网站,使其移动友好. Better yet, develop an app.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should abandon your older tenants. You must also keep them in mind when you adopt these changes. 考虑保留传统方法以适应那些不太擅长技术的人. That way, you can have the best of both worlds.


5. Make Lease Renewal Easy

如果你让这个过程无痛,居民更有可能续签他们的租约. 不要为了再多住一年而让住院医生经历重重困难. 通过电子邮件或通过带有电子签名的在线门户网站,使租赁续签变得容易. 这也将允许居民在任何需要的时候审查他们的租约条款.

除了方便之外,数字续租也更适合你. When you have everything in one neat place, you can organize files and pull them up with a click of a button. 不用再为了找到你要找的东西而去做无尽的文书工作了.


6. Keep Residents in the Loop

没有人想成为最后一个发现任何重要新闻的人. The same goes for your residents. 让你的用户留存率朝着正确方向发展的一个好方法就是让用户了解情况.

你可以通过很多方式来做到这一点——短信、时事通讯、电子邮件等等. 确保向居民更新任何在物业内或周围的变化. 当你把他们蒙在暗中时,居民们会觉得他们对你不重要,从而把他们赶走.


7. Establish a Sense of Community

community | resident retention strategyResidents who grow attached to the community are less likely to leave. 考虑到这一点,为你的居民建立一种社区意识是很重要的.

After all, everyone wants to feel involved and like they belong.

你可以通过举办类似见面会的社区活动来实现这一点, parties during the holidays, and other fun activities. Even just a simple get-together can make a difference.

这将使居民相互了解和物业工作人员. When friendships form, residents are less likely to pack up and go.


8. Rarely Change Staff (If Possible)

当居民对周围环境感到舒适时,他们就会定居下来, and that includes the people around them. Over time, 住户与物业经理和员工建立友好关系.

As such, 物业管理公司应尽量避免更换员工. 不断的变化会让居民感到不安,导致居民留存率降低.


9. Ask for Feedback

要想知道居民们在想什么,最好的办法就是直接问他们. Don’t be afraid to get their feedback. Constructive criticism will only serve to help you. Ask them about how they feel living on the property. Is there anything they feel uncomfortable with? Do they have any suggestions?

你可以考虑在你的在线门户网站上专门开辟一个区域来获得反馈,或者每月向居民询问他们的意见. It always helps to keep an open mind. Additionally, 问这些问题会起到让居民感到被倾听和感激的作用.


Make an Effort to Keep Residents

Resident retention doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. 正如你所看到的,有许多方法可以提高用户留存率. All it takes is a bit of effort on your part.

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