拥有一处出租房产是获得被动收入的好方法. Unfortunately, you run the risk of encountering difficult tenants at one stage or the other. Such tenants seem bent on giving you a hard time through incessant complaints and other debilitating demands. Some may even cause significant damage to your property or consistently pay their rent late.



在租房游戏中,挑战总是不断出现. From filling vacancies to maintenance issues, property managers have to tackle them all. 然而,最常见的麻烦来源之一是难缠的租户. Every property manager has had problem tenants at least once in their lifetime. The trick is to learn how to identify each kind so that you can tailor your treatment accordingly.



1. 拖欠或部分支付租金的租户

逾期付款是房客的问题This is the type of difficult tenant that most property managers or landlords commonly encounter. For whatever reason, a tenant might pay their rent late or ask to give you a partial payment first.

重要的是你的 租赁协议 包括所有必要的租金规定. This includes how much the rent is, when it is due, and when it is considered late. 你应该包括任何你打算收取的滞纳金. 这种方式, you have proof (in the form of a signed contract) that the tenant agreed to the terms of the rent.

Of course, this will not stop your tenant from defaulting on their rent or asking to pay partially. 如果发生这种情况,你必须这么做 使用强硬的手段. 让租客知道你不能对这件事宽大处理. 如果你的租客是个好人,你可能会想给他一些回旋的余地, 但这只会给他们留下错误的印象. 很快,他们就会滥用你的善良.

如果你需要责备某人, you can always tell the tenant that there is no way around the late fees because of your accounting system. Send a polite warning letting your tenant know that you will take action if they fail to pay their rent by a deadline.

电子邮件最好有书面证明. 当那一天到来的时候,寄给他们一张不交房租的通知. Basically, this means the tenant can either settle their balance or move out.

房东通常会发现对租客严格要求会更难, but property managers can usually keep their personal feelings separate from their work. 不管怎样,负担不应该落在你的肩上. 付租金是房客的责任.


2. 要求租客

租户有各种各样的形式. 而他们中的很多人倾向于独来独往, 有些人似乎总是用抱怨和要求来打扰你. A request here and there is fine, but there comes a point when it becomes too much.

房客们不能指望你对每一个小要求都置之不理, 尤其是当他们的要求是, 根据租约, 他们应该照顾好自己.

然而,与苛刻的租户打交道可能会很棘手. If tenants feel like you are not listening, they can grow angry and even threaten litigation. 不管他们有多粗鲁或讨厌, 你必须保持冷静,以专业的方式回答他们. If you let your emotions get the better of you, it will open you up to liability.

If the tenant’s demands are related to maintenance problems or health and safety issues, 查看租赁协议是很重要的. 你的协议应该列出房东和租客的责任, 明确谁应该解决这个问题.

查看你所在州的法律也是一个好主意. Some states are friendlier to landlords, but most others are friendlier to tenants. 然后,根据 房屋租赁法律在美国,房客有权享有适宜居住的条件. If your tenant is complaining about something that might interfere with that, 然后你应该解决这个问题.


3. 破坏性的租户

安装|问题租户破坏性租户是最成问题的租户之一. These tenants make so-called “improvements” to your property by adding or removing certain fixtures. 标准租赁协议通常包括对变更的规定.

In most cases, the tenant must secure the landlord’s approval before pursuing the change. However, some tenants take it upon themselves to make these changes without consulting you. 你必须在个案基础上评估这些.

其他时候,租户会出于愤怒故意破坏物业. If this happens, you must send a written request to the tenant asking them to remedy the situation.

Sometimes, the damage will be too severe for the tenant to handle themselves. 在其他情况下,他们会出于恶意而拒绝维修. 无论哪种方式, you can coordinate with your own vendors to fix the issue and then ask the tenant to foot the bill. 你的协议应该赋予你这样做的权力.

Of course, some tenants will argue that the damages were already there when they moved in. This is why it is important for you to take photos of the property beforehand and have the tenant sign them as proof. 这样,你就有了一个比较点. Conducting regular inspections will also allow you to identify maintenance issues and address them before they worsen.


4. 有破坏性宠物的房客

A lot of property owners refuse to let animals onto the premises — and for good reason. 宠物可以造成很多破坏. 事实上,破坏性的宠物是最常见的房客问题之一. Some pets can even cause damages so severe that you will find it hard to land another tenant after the current one moves out.

If you have a no-pets policy, make sure to include it in your lease agreement. 严格执行这一条款同样重要. If you do allow pets, inspect the property every once in a while to pinpoint any damages. 宠物主人应该承担维修费用. Additionally, in some states, certain animals are illegal to keep as pets. 例如,加州 不允许 雪貂或刺猬等等.

记住,尽管 美国残疾人法案 allows tenants to live with service animals even if you have a no-pets policy.


5. 有长期客人的租户

困难的租户也可能以主机的形式出现, 无论是接待未经批准的长期客人,还是作为Airbnb的房东. It is okay if a tenant wants to let a friend or relative sleepover for a night or two. 但, if it turns into a month-long setup, then that is a cause for concern.

First of all, not all states have lax laws about short-term vacation rentals. 佛罗里达, 有很多. Secondly, your lease agreement should have language regulating occupancy limits. 越具体越好. In a lot of cases, tenants must first clear it with their landlord or property manager. 如果你发现租户违反了这一条款, 礼貌而坚定地请求他们解决问题.


6. 参与非法活动的租户

犯罪行为给租户带来了麻烦It should go without saying that tenants involved in illicit acts are a big red flag.

You should not turn a blind eye to these types of difficult tenants or you risk becoming complicit. This includes the illegal growing of marijuana, selling or abusing illegal drugs, and the like.

如果你发现你的房客有犯罪行为, the best thing you can do is to alert the authorities and start the eviction process. 物业经理通常知道如何处理驱逐, 而房东可能需要律师的帮助.



Exercising the proper way to handle difficult tenants will save you from potential litigation and a ton of headaches. 在大多数情况下,你的租赁协议会保护你免于责任.

Therefore, it is imperative that you use specific language in your agreement to avoid loopholes. 但, 正如他们所说, 预防胜于治疗, and you can spare yourself a lot of time and trouble by screening your tenants thoroughly.

物业经理可以帮助房东筛选过程. 寻找最好的物业管理公司, 肥厚性骨关节病变与肺部转移管理公司, 或者你所在地区的房地产公司使用 佛罗里达物业管理的在线目录.